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Are you ready to harness the immense potential of Facebook advertising to propel your business forward? Look no further. Our comprehensive Facebook Ads service is designed to empower your brand with laser-focused targeting, compelling creatives, and data-driven strategies that yield tangible results.

Ready to take your brand to new heights? Let’s harness the full potential of Meta Ads and drive remarkable growth.

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E-comm infoproducts results in 12 days

Objective: Maximizing the ROI for infoproducts


  • Initial investment of 2,000 euros in advertising on the Meta platform.
  • Generating almost 15,000 euros in revenue for our client in just 12 days of collaboration.
  • Precise audience segmentation to reach qualified audiences.
  • Constant optimization to increase conversions and campaign performance.

These results show the effectiveness and our ability to maximize the revenue of our clients through well-targeted and optimized advertising campaigns in a record time of only 12 days of collaboration.

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E-comm infoproducts results in 30 days

Objective: Maximizing the ROI for infoproducts


  • Initial investment of 13,000 euros in ads on the Meta platform.
    Generation of 71,000 euros in revenue for our client in a period of 30 days of collaboration.
  • Precise audience segmentation to reach qualified audiences interested in our client’s infoproducts.
  • Continuous optimization of campaigns to increase conversions and performance.

These remarkable results show our commitment to the success of our clients and our ability to generate significant income within a 30-day period of collaboration with an initial investment of only 13,000 euros in Meta Ads campaigns.

Lead Generation

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Lead generation results for the private medical clinic

Objective: Bringing in 150-200 qualified leads in one month


  • Approximately 150-200 qualified leads generated in just one month.
  • Utilization of personalized strategies to attract relevant audience.
  • Precise audience segmentation to maximize conversions.
  • Constant optimization of campaigns to ensure maximum efficiency.

These results showcase our ability to rapidly and efficiently generate qualified leads for our clients.

Lead generation for Kinetotherapy courses

Objective: bringing the best ROAS by Selling kinetotherapy courses


  • Achieved 11x ROAS with just 600 lei invested.
  • Targeted advertising strategies tailored to kinetotherapy niche.
  • Data-driven optimizations for maximum efficiency.
  • Significant increase in course sales.

These results demonstrate our ability to deliver exceptional ROI for our clients, even with limited initial investment.

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Lead generation for fitness webinars

Objective: Qualified leads for weight loss coaching webinar


  • Secured 100 qualified leads for the weight loss coaching webinar.
  • Targeted marketing strategies attracted motivated entrepreneurs seeking weight loss solutions.
  • Precise audience segmentation ensured effective outreach.
  • Demonstrated our ability to connect clients with their target audience efficiently.

These results showcase our proficiency in lead generation, aiding our clients in reaching their desired audience effectively.